Temple Bowl Magick Bag

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Denim lined zippered makeup bags featuring printed artwork. Made from durable canvas with ykk zipper and inner pocket, there’s many ways you can use your printed bag.

Pack up your favorite oils, incense, and crystals for a traveling altar.

About Temple Bowl:

This piece was largely inspired by the book “Wild Feminine” by Tami Lynn Kent. I have great gratitude for this book and its beautiful wisdom.

Her message about the pelvic bowl being an altar was especially beautiful to me. It is the altar of creative energy that we use in our lives to create worlds.

One must keep the energy clean routinely like any temple needs proper sweeping and upkeep. 

One must stoke the fires, the fires that live in the ovaries. She tells of the fiery nature of the ovaries and that if one is too dull or too bright there is imbalance. 

This work is a simple representation and reminder that your pelvic bowl is a temple that you carry with you everywhere. It is precious and holy and it is yours, so use it.