About Us

image of julie samek founder of kind hive

         Julie started making water bottle holders for herself many years ago because she really wanted it made a certain way and it didn't exists. Soon friends started requesting them, then people at the coffee shop, she started doing craft shows. Then she stopped for a while and focused on other things. But her dream of having her own business was always in the back of her mind. 

        When Julie set out to make an e-commerce company she was taught that china makes the best cheapest products. It's true Chinas production is amazing they can produce things fast and for low prices. But when you start to dig deeper you see that a lot of Chinese goods have a secret, the use of forced labor in China is fairly standard. If you see something that is just too good to be true it probably is. All of a sudden those items from China just didn't bring joy anymore, when she saw them she felt heavy knowing that as long as people were slaves nobody was free.

       She decided that she would continue her business dreams with the goal of not using cheap goods, wanting to produce high quality stuff, and do it with humanitarian suppliers. Which is hard to do these days, especially for someone just starting out. But it was possible. 

         Julie had also been a mandala artist for many years, she started when she worked a really boring job in the printing industry. It was so industrial, she needed to add some color to her life. She met her friend Pam who makes a living selling mandala art. She loved it, the meditation, the color combining. She says she likes mandalas because they are not very mysterious, like many works of art with people or compositions that require critic or analysis. A mandala can be purely beautiful for the sake of beauty or convey a message easily and directly. 

       Bottle carriers will always be for sale on the KindHive, it's how we got started. But the creative explosion of Julie's art is where this is really going. Combining a lifelong study of magick and esoteric arts with the creation of high quality sustainable suppliers to create an offering to the world that is beautiful and meaningful.