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The best water bottle sling for galavanting at a festival. Put a strap on your bottle! A no brainer festival necessity, you will wonder how you survived without it.  Go hiking, strolling, biking, even a jog. This quality made item will turn heads and keep you hydrated during whatever activity you choose to partake.

This water bottle holder has a cross body strap design that can also be worn over the shoulder if you want. The strap is adjustable so you can get the feel and function you desire. A small toggle piece helps lock the adjustable strap into the desired length and makes it easy to adjust on the go.

And  it's stretchy, so it holds a large water bottle up to 64 oz no problem. You can even hold a gallon container, however it is a bit uncomfortable to carry that much. But your water bottle holder can hold it if you stretch it. It can hold smaller stuff like a ball-jar or kombucha bottle, wine bottle, a holder for whatever you need! The design is 100% adaptable to your needs.


The material is up-cycled remnant material from the fashion industry. So you can feel good and look good knowing your items were made ethically without harm to the planet. It is really important to know where your stuff comes from and that the people who made it are properly treated.

Our mission and campaign is be good to people of the world, we pride ourselves in being a conscious fashion brand.

 *up-cycled material means that small differences in thickness can occur.