Free Will

This awe-inspiring Mandala is called “Free Will” it is designed to create the energy of making good choices. The Y symbol shows a fork in the road, you can go one way or the other, its your choice. 

Choose wisely, and  most importantly remember that you always have a choice! I created this at a time in my life when I realized how many options there are in the universe and that the greatest super power I would ever have was my free will. I was ecstatic with joy when I finally felt my power to choose whatever I wanted, it was amazing.

I chose the purple color to show the highest vibration possible. And I was inspired by the message of the violet flame that helps to shift old stuck beliefs and remove blockages so you will be clear and confident making the best decisions possible.

  New decisions will present themselves after you cleanse your energy with the violet flame. Visualize the flame cutting through any blockages and opening your field to the white light of the universe. The blockages are what is keeping you from feeling confident in your power to make decisions. As the violet flame engulfs you the fog is immediately cleared and the clarity to proceed is illuminated! 

This one is for people who have trouble making decisions, seem to go with what others are telling them to do instead of speaking their needs.  People who have big decisions to make. Jobs or lives that require a lot of decision making on a daily basis. 

 People who want to connect more fully to their ultimate super power of Free-Will.