Sacred Mystical Tool Case

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We may call them pencil cases, but these lined zippered pouches can be used for your make-up, your craft supplies, I like to put some essential oils and crystals for a traveling altar bag.

• Shell made from 100% polyester twill

Dimensions: 9" X 4"


This power grid is all charged up and ready to activate anyone who gazes upon it.

Long title would be “Sacred Mystical Marriage.”

Its power is best described by the person who introduced it to me, the brilliant teacher, Tom Kenyon. 

“The ancient alchemical symbol denotes the “sacred mystical” marriage of the masculine and feminine. This “marriage” is not a secular event.

Rather it is something that occurs deep within the individual human, a balancing of one’s own internal life forces. As an individual balances the so-called masculine and feminine “currents,” one enters a state town as the “universal androgyne.” This balanced state of consciousness opens the portal to he deeper mysteries of one’s own consciousness.


The round disk signifies the “Sun” or positively charged electrical force. The crescent at the bottom signifies the “Moon” or negatively charged magnetic force. The balancing of electrical and magnetic forces within one’s own being is one of the goals of Egyptian Alchemy“ (Introduction, The Hathor Material; Kenyon, Essene)


This mandala is a power grid to activate this powerful alchemical symbol. I chose light blue (the most feminine blue) and bright red (The most masculine red) and the purple that is the two mixed together to bring it to life. Placed in a grid of triangles and framed by the power of the four direction. 

I hope this alchemical symbol brought to life and animated will bring you the blessings of inner alchemy and union of your inner currents. As you work towards unlocking the deeper mysteries of your consciousness.