Octo Being Magick Bag

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Denim lined zippered makeup bags featuring printed artwork. Made from durable canvas with ykk zipper and inner pocket, there’s many ways you can use your printed bag.

Pack up your favorite oils, incense, and crystals for a traveling altar. Or whatever you want!


About: OCTO- BEING 👾

Some things are just different,  and “special.” ✙ To me octopuses are like that, they move so intelligently.✙ Unlike any other animal in the animal kingdom. Are they even of this planet? ✙

The way this print moves is just like that, channel your octopus nature.  🌌

Dive into your deep side. 🌊 This one doesn’t need a lot of explanation if you know, you know. If you feel he call of the cephalopod, you will be called here.