Goddess Guild Yoga Leggings

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Wide highrise waistband is both flattering and supportive.

Sewn in Montreal Canada with locally made performance eco polyester fabrics.

Fabric content of 82% eco polyester, 18% spandex. Waistband features 72% eco polyester, 28% spandex.

Goddess Guild:

I design Mandalas one of two ways.

 One, careful planning and intention for symbols and messages, color schemes, concepts I want to illuminate. I basically know what it will look like, while sometimes it comes out a bit different or I change things as I go.


Put pencil to paper and start drawing with no idea where I am going, This is more of channeling. Just intending that some concept will surface. And from there I will start to more consciously work with what presents itself.

This is the second. 

What came to being here through channeling was two goddesses. The Light Goddess of wisdom, unconditional love, and compassion. And the Dark Goddess of rightful anger and chaos. The Divine Feminine has two sides. And they both deserve representation. 

This is a concept I spent a long time contemplating when life gave me a situation where I was deeply connected with my dark-goddess energy. The dark goddess does not need to be “nice” and forgiving. She can choose fury and scorn. And that is allowed. Sometimes “love and light” is really toxic when it involves suppressing emotions that don’t “feel” good.

Well placed anger is a powerful feminine emotion.

The feminine is also exalted in her light, her ability to find forgiveness. To feel deep empathetic connection to those around her. The true power of the feminine is not sexuality, but the ability to nurture. Trust me, that is what men really want. 

The Light Goddess holds the pearl of wisdom, and sits comfortably in peace knowing things are just how they should be.

The Dark Goddess had multiple arms and heads, all the better to achieve the change she wants in the world.

We can be calm and content in feminine bliss, and we can be angry bitches with vast energy to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We can be both.

These characters are presented with the 6-pointed star. Which shows two triangles overlaying each-other. It represents Shiva and Shakti. Balance of masculine and feminine. Because all this work can be done within the balance of divine masculine and feminine. 

The inner mandala was largely created to look like menstrual blood flowing back to the center. It shows the life force of the woman returning to center and regenerating. It flows down with the prayers of the Dark Goddess and is  brought back up to the light Goddess who transforms it to wisdom. 

This is a very dear work to me that I hope will touch you with the messages I encoded into it. That the multifaceted Divine Feminine will grace you with a balance of light and dark as life moves you. May you accept the things you cannot change and endless fury to change the things you can.