Chakan San Juan Tool/ Pencil Bag

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We may call them pencil cases, but these lined zippered pouches can be used for your make-up, your craft supplies.

I like to put some essential oils and crystals for a traveling altar bag.

• Shell made from 100% polyester twill, lining made from 100% polyester canvas

Fabric loop at the side.

This mandala began as a glimmer in my eye on my last trip to the San Juan Valley in Colorado.🌄

 I am a desert dweller at heart, to me nature is a gorgeous variety of sandy tans. Little glimmers of life in a dry somewhat barren land.🏜

 Yet so full of life when you slow down and pay attention. I love the color of sand, it feels like home. 🏡

I wanted to juxtapose this with the fantastic rainbow that the is the temples of Crestone. A place where many traditions have built temples for safe keeping, making that desert an especially sacred space. 🕉

The symbol at the center is the Chakana, it is an ancient Peruvian symbol that shows the three worlds. The three levels of existence are Hana Pacha (the upper world inhabited by the superior gods), Kay Pacha, (the world of our everyday existence) and Ukhu or Urin Pacha (the underworld inhabited by spirits of the dead, the ancestors.) 🇵🇪


 The hole through the centre of the cross is the Axis by means of which the shaman transits the cosmic vault to the other levels.🧙‍♂️


It shows the transition through the worlds and the steps to move between them. 


This is shown in the mandala too as the underworld of roots, the middle world of earth, and also the connection to the heavens, blasting through the mountain.🪱 🌾🏔


I wanted to show the 3 worlds along with the power symbol to move between them. 


This is a powerful mandala for shamanic practitioners. Or anyone interested in learning about the upper and lower worlds. 


Anyone who has been touched by the beauty of the desert, the San Juan Valley and Crestone.  Or desires to visit. 


Meditate on the center of the Chakana, visualize the lower and upper worlds. They are not so far away.