Alpenglow Rave Shorts

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Our shorts are made in our signature stretch fabrics and are workout and sports friendly so put them to the test for yoga, the beach, or dancing.

• Made from 88% polyester, 12% spandex performance fabric manufactured in Canada

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Waist 24" 26" 28" 31" 33"
Hips 35" 37" 39" 42" 44"

All measurements in accordance with US Standard SizingAll measurements in accordance with US Standard Sizing

There is this moment when the light hits the mountains in Colorado just right and they seriously turn bring purple and orange. I have seen it a few times, it’s incredible. It’s almost like you are on another planet. All sunsets are beautiful but some just have that special sauce. 🌄

I paired this with the alchemical symbol known to some as the symbol of the philosophers stone. 

It represents enlightenment, heavenly bliss, and perfection in alchemy.

It is the ultimate goal of alchemy, to alchemize the spirit into enlightenment.

To alchemize the sunset into alpenglow potential. 

I like the definition given by Teal Swan as the Seal of Alchemy.  This is the highest symbol of alchemy, the science of creation and manifestation. The meaning is “ the void ⚫️ activated by thought, 🚀 purified by universal energy equals manifestation🌱.”

Everything manifests from potential energy, Everything. A lot of conditions had to align to make that sunset as beautiful as it is, but they did. 🧞‍♀️

Everyday the potential arises. I created this as the ultimate manifestation grid.

The two ideas together are intended to create the perfect moment with the power of alchemical thought. May you manifest your desires with the perfection and divine timing of the alpenglow sunset. 

May your thoughts be alchemized into a creation more perfect and aligned than seems possible.

 Unlimited creative potential could be another name for this one. As you are orchestrating your life with the creative potential of the universe.

 A Universe that can make mountains glow. 

Homework: Try to create a beautiful sunset with your mind. 🧡💜