Sling Size & Care Info.

Size Info:

Our adjustable strap is at the smallest about 39 inches and at the longest 78 inches (length while strap is stretched with weight of bottle)

So it fits all sizes, at its smallest it can even fit a child, at its longest it can fit even the more X-large folks.

Shorten strap for more heavy hiking. Or place the length comfortable on your hip. Play around and find what feels best to you!

Care Info:

Wash your sling in the laundry like you would normal clothes, seriously, the dryer too, go for it. They can get dirty getting lugged around life so feel free to toss that thing in the machine. 

Bottle Size:

This sling is designed to fit just about any style bottle. As it stretches over the contours easily so shape does not matter. Bottles up to a gallon size can fit in the sling (however a gallon is a lot to be carrying around so I wouldn't recommend that unless you are very strong, or very thirsty). Bottles as small as a kombucha bottle can also easily sit in the sling. Sky is the limit drink whatever you want, on the go!