All Snakes Win

About Snakes Win:

Serpent and Eagle imagery has been used since the deep past, Eagles always depict warring nations, while the Serpents and the cunning people who live close to the earth and know how live WITH the earth

I wanted to imagine the earth where the snakes win, they defeat the super predator eagle nations and get to live their lives, close the earth in peace. I wanted to imagine a peaceful earth, where the earths taurus energy field was illuminated with all the colors of the rainbow, making the earth alive and thriving. 

The confetti is going off because this is truly a reason to celebrate, imagine all the universe throwing a parade because the earth has activated and defeated its warring nations to create peace on earth. This is the inspiration for this piece. It was one of the best feelings I got creating it.  Thinking about this concept is a real high for people who desire peace. I am often overcome with joy when I see this image. When I see earth in her full beauty, I cannot imagine a more worth while prayer. 

I made this during March of 2022 when there was a lot of eagle action on the planet. It was during a Vedic astrology yoga called Kal Sarpa Yoga. Which means all the planets are on one side of the chart. Everyone is together and during this meeting, deals will get done. It also creates an all or nothing mentality. It’s go time, Russia sees this an auspicious moment to take the cake. Hoping he scales will tilt in its favor.

Wearing this or presenting it in your house in a place of power means you align with people of the earth. The people who remain close to the earth and do not use violence for means of domination to gain power and empire. Align yourself with believing that the best possible outcome, peace on earth is not only possible but happening. This is a powerful manifestation tool to create this reality. The Universe has confetti ready.